Teacher's Discovery®, The Exploration Company™, and www.k12maps.com™

K12Maps.com™ is a joint venture between Teacher's Discovery® and The Exploration Company™.

K12Maps™ is an Internet-based annual subscription to a comprehensive collection of downloadable maps developed specially for the classroom.

Teacher's Discovery® has created and provided teaching materials to schools worldwide since 1978. We have been a leader in providing high-quality, fun, and affordable educational supplemental materials in the following areas: Social Studies, English, and World Languages. The Exploration Company™ has been making award-winning maps for over 15 years.

Our belief is that learning can and should be fun! K12maps.com™ provides supplemental classroom materials and service with a smile! We stand confidently and totally behind everything we sell. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. It's that simple! We promise a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with your 1,000-map subscription.

We want to hear from you! Many of the ideas for our classroom-tested materials come from your suggestions and shared ideas and needs. Please send us feedback on our website, or anything that you would like to share. Describe projects that you are working on or share stories of you and your peers. We're interested!

Are you going to be in the Auburn Hills/Lake Orion, Michigan area? Stop in and say hi! Give us a call to get directions. If you can make it around noon, we'd love to serve up a not-so-fancy, but fun, Jimmy John's® working lunch and give you a tour of our facilities.